The results are in!

125 volunteers from Comcast, Wildwood Middle and High School, Cape May Technical High School and the local area collected 3,471 pieces of trash from the Wildwood beaches around Poplar Avenue.

They collected 35 bags of trash and 23 bags of recyclables.

The top 5 things found were:

Plastic Caps and Lids 384

Plastic Pieces 380

Cigarette Filters 271

Food/Candy Wrappers 168

Cardboard 125

and #6 was close with Plastic Cups 120

The oddest things found were a plastic sword, a soccer ball, a lead pipe and a wooden beam.

Thank you all for making a difference and getting all of that trash off of our beaches!!!



Here it comes: COA’s Spring Beach Clean Up!

You know the deal by now ūüėČ

9am to noon, come anytime during that time frame, and stay as long or short as you wish! Bring gloves and bring a friend.

As usual I will be the captain of the Wildwood location, which is sponsored by Comcast Cares, who are a great bunch of awesome people that bring tons of snacks, smiles and energy to our site every spring ūüôā Come on out and see us!

Check out these SJ locations:

  • Atlantic City –¬†
    • South Albany Avenue
    • This site has reached capacity! Please consider joining us at S. Albany Avenue, or at any of the other listed locations!¬†Gardner’s Basin¬†¬†(Park at Gardner’s Basin, 800 North New Hampshire Ave; meet at Public access Caspian Ave and N. Maine Ave.)
  • Brigantine¬†– 17th St. Beach, South (Brigantine Beach Patrol, 1700 17th Street, Brigantine, NJ 08203)
  • Galloway¬†– Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (800 Great Creek Rd., Galloway, NJ 08205)¬†*this cleanup will be held on 4/28/18
  • Longport¬†– 33rd¬†and Atlantic Ave Beach (meet at Longport Public Library, Atlantic Ave and 24th Ave)
  • Margate –¬†Location TBD due to beach construction projects
  • Ventnor City¬†– Newport Avenue Beach (Community Building: 6500 Atlantic Ave, Ventor City, NJ 08406)
  • Avalon –¬†79th Street beach (meet at Avalon Community Hall, 30th Street beach at¬†8:00 am)¬†*this location will have a dune grass planting, beach sweep, and lunch provided by the Borough of Avalon!
  • Cape May¬†
    • Nature Center of Cape May¬†(1600 Delaware Avenue, Cape May, NJ 08204)¬†Sponsored by ComcastCares
    • 2nd Avenue Beach (Jetty Motel: 2nd Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204)
  • Del Haven¬†– Sunray Beach (end of N Delaware Ave, follow path to beach)
  • North Wildwood¬†– E 16th Ave beach (Beach Patrol building)
  • Ocean City¬†– Ocean City Music Pier (825 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ 08226)¬†Sponsored by ComcastCares
  • Stone Harbor¬†– 95th Street Beach
  • Villas –¬†Village Rd. and Bay Drive
  • Wildwood –¬†Poplar Avenue Beach (Groff’s Restaurant – 423 E. Magnolia Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260)¬†Sponsored by ComcastCares
  • Wildwood Crest-¬†Centennial Park (Fern and Ocean Ave)

Holidays can be hard for those of us who are trying to live life environmentally friendly.

There is so much wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, boxes, packaging and plastic plastic plastic everywhere you look! If you are like me, you reuse bags, boxes and ribbons as much as you can- but what else can we do?

This year my work asked us to decorate easter baskets for a friendly employee competition. After chatting with others, thinking about things I loved, and googling ideas, I thought that what I would really like to do is make a completely recycled easter basket.

So I did.

I looked up several different ways to weave a basket from newspaper, and settled on braiding long newspaper pieces together, making a bucket shape from a recycled cool whip tub and newspaper, and then glueing the braid onto the form. I also added some lace and flowers that I had recycled from an old baby shower project. Since this was going on display at work I made some cardboard cut outs of eggs and a bunny, and wrote some facts about recycling and going green on them to put inside the basket. (Yes, yes, you may commence rolling your eyes now, I am that “always teaching and learning” kind of person! )

I had so much fun with this project, and it took me about the length of a 1980’s Harrison Ford movie. Did it win the contest? No, no it did not. Did it make me proud of my repurposing talents, and pique the interest of quite a few people? Yes, yes it did.

The way I have always felt about going green is if you change your life a little, it can also change someone else’s life a little. And a little can amount to a lot of a bunch of people do it!

The next holiday that comes: choose one thing to change and make more environmentally friendly. If that works out, then next time choose a second thing! Making small changes can still make a big difference!

Ok. I will admit. I am not a big “brand” person. There are a bunch of companies I love but none I am married to.

However, that has changed.

Several of my friends had these toys, and with the birth of my son and start of kid toy shopping, I checked this brand out.


Green Toys are made of 100% recycled materials. They are tough, durable, adorable and require imagination and kid power to make them go- no batteries or lights or annoying songs that you can’t get out of your head. We are talking old school creative power and durability in an awesome array of choices. They are made in the USA and their packaging is recycled cardboard- no plastic, ties or struggle to unwrap and the ink they use is soy based! Look at this array of boy, girl, boy/girl toys they have.

Their website offers a deal if you sign up your email, and when I last visited the site it was free shipping over 49$.

Give them a chance! At least check out their site ūüôā

I will be completely honest with you- my 17 month son is playing with the tugboat at my feet right now!

Here are some of the toys we have, I can vouch for how well they are made! They have gone in the sand, to the beach, in the bath and in the pool.


Not pictured is: the submarine and sea plane, and my friends have the car carrier, tea set, bucket and shovel and several others.

First off- thank you. Thank YOU! Thank you all who took time out of their busy day to come out and clean up trash from the Wildwood beaches.

Whatever reason you did it for- just thank you for getting up and DOING something to help our environment.

We live in a digital age today. It is so great for so many things, communication, understanding, learning, exploring and helping. But sometimes it also keeps us inside or at the very least glued to a screen instead of experiencing life for yourself and actually making a change with your own two hands instead of the thumb you are using to click…click…click through contents.

Don’t get me wrong- you can still make a change using your phone or computer!

Call me old fashioned. But I like to do things the old way sometimes ūüôā

57 volunteers came out on a sunny 69 degree day on Poplar Avenue in Wildwood. They hit the sand with bags and gloves and friends and they helped make several blocks of white sand more hospitable and livable for humans and beasts.

Together they collected 18 bags of trash and 14 bags of recyclables.

This years top 5 items found:

184 plastic pieces
159 cigarette filters
124 paper pieces
88 cardboard pieces
74 plastic caps and lids

Every year the top 5 changes and rotates, but one thing that is for certain is that plastic and cigarette filters are not going away, in fact they are multiplying.

One idea that can change that is: If you bring it, take it away!

Since 1985, over 115,800 volunteers have participated and removed
over 5.9 million¬†pieces of debris from New Jersey’s beaches and waterways.

October 21,2017

About the Beach Sweeps

In 1985, COA launched the region‚Äôs first Beach Sweeps program to rid beaches of unsightly and harmful debris.¬† COA’s Beach Sweeps is one of the longest running cleanups of its kind in the world.¬† The program has grown from 75 people at one site in 1985, to over 5,000 volunteers in 2016.¬† Volunteers gather from Raritan to Delaware Bays and along the ocean to clean beaches and waterways, as well as underwater sites.¬† They join as groups (community, school, business, and organization), families, or individuals.¬† Participants collect and record valuable data about debris, which is presented¬†in annual¬†reports and¬†used to advance federal, state, and local programs to reduce litter.

Fish, whales, birds, and other animals often mistake litter for food.   As a result, animals get entangled in or ingest items, such as plastic bags, cigarette filters, and fishing line, with deadly results.  Cigarette filters mimic fish and have been found in the stomachs of birds and larger fish, blocking and affecting their digestion.  Also, the filters are made of plastic fibers and trap carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals that are introduced into animals’ bloodstreams.
Moreover, plastic litter takes a few years to several hundred years to break down, thereby threatening wildlife for decades.  Litter in waterways can also foul boat motors and propellers, resulting in costly repairs.  Finally, littered beaches can ruin a day at the beach.  Garbage slicks and wash-ups close beaches to swimming and are detrimental to tourism and the coastal economy.



  • Atlantic City –¬†
    • Albany Avenue (199 S. Albany Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401)¬†Sponsored by Atlantic City Electric
    • Gardner’s Basin Gardner’s Basin (Park at Gardner’s Basin, 800 North New Hampshire Ave; meet at Public access Caspian Ave and N. Maine Ave.)
  • Longport¬†– 33rd¬†and Atlantic Avenue Beach (Library: 2305 Atlantic Ave. Longport, NJ 08403)
  • Margate –¬†Granville Avenue Beach (Library: 8100 Atlantic Ave. Margate City, NJ 08402 ¬†Sponsored by Wells Fargo Advisors¬†
  • Ventnor City¬†– Newport Avenue Beach (Community Building: 6500 Atlantic Ave, Ventor City, NJ 08406
  • Brigantine¬†– 17th St. Beach, South (Brigantine Beach Patrol, 1700 17th Street, Brigantine, NJ 08203


  • Avalon –¬†32nd Street Beach
  • Cape May¬†
    • Nature Center of Cape May¬†(1600 Delaware Avenue, Cape May, NJ 08204)¬†(Note-This will be held on Sat. October 14th)
    • 2nd Avenue Beach (Jetty Motel: 2nd Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204)
  • Ocean City¬†– Ocean City Music Pier- Moorlyn Terrace and Boardwalk (825 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ 08226)
  • Stone Harbor¬†– 96th Street Beach
  • Wildwood –¬†Poplar Avenue Beach (Groff’s Restaurant – 423 E. Magnolia Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260)
  • Wildwood Crest-¬†Centennial Park (Fern and Ocean Ave)
  • Villas –¬†Village Rd. and Bay Drive (meet at the dead end by the beach access)

The first beach clean up of 2017 had a group of 35 dedicated volunteers from the local area and Comcast Cares. The 50 degree, cloudy and rainy day did not deter these folks from collecting 22 bags of trash and 13 bags of recyclables from Poplar Avenue and the surrounding 10 blocks. Some of the weird things found were a full tyvek suit, and a set of sneakers and flip flops. (Seriously no one went back for their shoes?)

Comcast Cares andWildwood Catholic High School were the two groups present.

The top 5 items found were:

1- Plastic caps and lids 245

2-Plastic straws 200

3- Plastic food/candy wrappers 199

4- Plastic pieces 193

5- Cigarette filters 187

and honorable mention goes to Plastic beverage bottles 153

Thank you all for an awesome day!

Wildwood Leader got excellent photos of the volunteers– and here is a pic of what their hard efforts resulted in ūüôā I would say a job well done all!