On Saturday October 25th, over 100 people came out to Poplar Avenue in Wildwood. Together they clean up 58 bags of trash and recyclables! View the slideshow of COA FALL 2014 photos here!

There were families and kids that came from Wildwood High and Middle Schools, Henderson High School from PA, Pack 65 Boyscouts, and lots of locals and visitors came out as well.

The data cards we record what we find on, have 99 categories of trash. Together, we found 90 different types of trash!

The top 10 found were:

Plastic caps and lids 431

Plastic pieces 376

Plastic food/candy wrappers 330

Cigarette filters 322

Straws 191

Plastic bottles 151

Uncategorized plastic like fireworks/pens etc 140

Foam pieces 118

Plastic cups 100

Glass pieces 98

The weird things found were: a skimboard, a swinging seat, and a bag full of arcade tickets.

If you notice, many of the things we found the most of were plastic. Check out this chart of how long trash takes to degrade in the ocean:


And just in case you need a reminder: This is why I clean up the beach! Why do you?



Clean Ocean Action is hosting it’s fall beach clean up soon- October 25th 9:00am to noon!

The list of Cape May County sites are :


  • Avalon - 32nd St. South
  • Cape May – 
    • Nature Center of Cape May (1600 Delaware Avenue)
    • 2nd Avenue Beach
  • Del Haven – Sunray Beach
  • North Wildwood – 15th Avenue at Beach Patrol Building
  • Ocean City
    • Music Pier – 9th & Boardwalk (Moorlyn Terrace, NJ 08226)
    • 58th Street Pavilion
  • Sea Isle City – John F. Kennedy Boulevard Beach *Sweep will take place on September 27, 2014*
  • Stone Harbor – 96th Street Beach
  • Wildwood - Poplar Avenue Beach
  • Wildwood Crest – Centennial Park (Atlantic and Fern) *cannot participate for Fall 2014, but will in Spring 2015*

You can pre-register for a whichever site you prefer, or just show up!

As usual, it is rain or shine (hopefully closer to shine) and it is best to bring gloves and some friends with you!

Show up when you can, leave when you have to, but enjoy a day outside doing something constructive, positive for the environment and neighborhood, and satisfying!
A lot of people need community service hours, for clubs, societies, schools,sports,church, or just for a sense of pride in the accomplishments of oneself :) . A beach clean up is a great way to help the community, and make a positive impact on your environment!

When you arrive at your chosen beach site, see whoever is in charge for bags and data cards, that capture what kinds and how much trash is found.
The data from these cards are tallied with the data from all of the other beach clean ups going on up and down the NJ coast.

See a report from last year, to put concrete numbers to just how much trash is on our beaches! Trust me…it will help you feel good about carrying your trash home with you, or walking the extra distance to put your trash in a can.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.17.39 PMSmoker? In 2013 there were 32,303 filters found.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.19.25 PMLove snacks? There were 30,944 candy wrappers/snack bags found.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.19.42 PMBuy water bottles or cases of soda? There were 32,642 plastic caps/lids found, and 39,484 pieces of plastic found.


I don’t know about you, but those numbers make me happy to do something as easy as recycle, and make sure my trash from picnics and outings make it to a trash can instead of the ground!

So come on out, and help keep our beaches happy and healthy!

Picture 013photo by J.West (jessica westerland mumford)

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out on Saturday April 26, on the beautiful, sunny (a little breezy) day!

We had over 114 volunteers, who together collected over 70 bags of trash, plus piles of lumber, 5 gallon buckets, metal and pvc pipes, and most interesting…a dinosaur head roughly the size of a golf cart!


Here are the top 5 things found:

Plastic Pieces 467

Glass pieces 374

Bottle caps and lids 362

Cigarette filters 263

Food, Candy wrappers and bags 220

And runners up!

Wood and lumber pieces 186

Plastic soda and beverage bottles 169

Store and shopping bags 162

Comcast Cares brought a wonderful spread of snacks to keep our volunteer’s energy levels up, and we had volunteers from Comcast, Wildwood High School R.O.O.T.S, University of the Arts, as well as plenty of locals!

Check out the slideshow below!

Also check out our write up in one of the local papers http://www.shorenewstoday.com/snt/news/index.php/wildwood-mainmenu/wl-news-notes/51958-wildwood-beach-clean-up-draws-100-plus-volunteers.html


Hello Spring!

We finally have some good weather and it is time to get outside!

Clean Ocean Action is having their Spring Beach Clean Up on Saturday, April 26th 9am – 12.30 pm. If you wanna check out what COA is all about, or the success of last years beach clean up, please do! I promise it will make you want to head out this year and help! Or check out a first hand recap from last fall.

Here is the list of locations in South Jersey:


  • Atlantic City - Missouri Avenue Beach
  • Galloway – East Motts Creek Road
  • Longport - 33rd and Atlantic Avenue Beach
  • Margate - Granville Avenue Beach
  • Ventnor City - Newport Avenue Beach
  • Brigantine – 17th St. Beach, South
  • Egg Harbor Township – Longport Dog/Malibu Beach


  • Avalon - 32nd St. South
  • Cape May – 
    • Nature Center of Cape May (1600 Delaware Avenue)
    • 2nd Avenue Beach
  • Del Haven – Sunray Beach
  • North Wildwood – 15th Avenue at Beach Patrol Building
  • Ocean City
    • 9th and Boardwalk
    • Surf Road
  • Sea Isle City – John F. Kennedy Boulevard Beach
  • Stone Harbor – 96th Street Beach
  • Wildwood - Poplar Avenue Beach
  • Wildwood Crest – Centennial Park (Atlantic and Fern)

Whether you just want to get outside, do something good for your community, log some community service hours, or give something back to the environment we take for granted, JUST DO IT! Come out and help clean up the beaches we all know we will end up on a few short months :)


The Results are in!

On Saturday October 19th, around 90 Volunteers found 35 bags of trash.

Top 5 Categories of trash found:

Glass Pieces 407

Cigarette Filters 378

Plastic Pieces 314

Plastic Caps and Lids 209

Plastic food/candy wrappers and bags 165

Not quite top 5 but close:

Plastic soda bottles 118

Straws 90

Out of 92 different types of trash listed on our data cards,

 we found 81 different types.

Odd things found: wooden pallet, apple basket, plastic sign, driveway reflectors, football,

plastic castle, flashlight, and an unopened beer

Thank you to everyone that helped- especially Wildwood High School and Middle School!

Clean Ocean Action and the Wildwood beaches thanks you!

That’s right! It is beach clean up time again!

Clean Ocean Action is having it’s fall beach clean up Saturday October 19th from 9am til 12:30pm. If you want to pre-register it helps us plan how many supplies we need!

Here is a list of Cape May county sites:


  • Avalon - 30th St. Beach **Sponsored by Surfrider Foundation South Jersey Chapter, In Memory of Tommy Kraemer**
  • Cape May – Nature Center of Cape May (1600 Delaware Avenue)
  • Del Haven – Sunray Beach
  • North Wildwood - 15th Avenue (at Beach Patrol Building)
  • Ocean City – **NOTE** Ocean City’s Beach Sweep will take place on Saturday, September 21st from 9am to Noon. Registration at 9th & Boardwalk. For more information call (609) 399-6111.
  • Sea Isle City – *HELD ON OCTOBER 12TH* John F. Kennedy Boulevard Beach
  • Stone Harbor – 96th Street Beach
  • Upper Township – Webster Avenue
  • Wildwood - Poplar Avenue Beach
  • Wildwood Crest – Centenial Park Atlantic & Fern

Maybe you clean the beach for the environment, for the beautiful sea creatures that inhabit it’s waters, maybe you clean the beach for community service, at your school, club, or group. Maybe you clean the beach for your neighborhood, and do to something good for something bigger then you are. Maybe you do it just to get you and your kids out of the house and doing something constructive!

Whatever reason you would clean the beach for, JUST DO IT!

I know this is my reason :)


photo by Jessica Westerland Mumford (j.west)

So the results are in!

Over 100 volunteers came out to Clean Ocean Action’s spring 2013 beach clean up. Sponsored by TD Bank and Comcast cares!

Together, all of the volunteers collected 86 bags of trash and recyclables on a gorgeous sunny and warm spring day. Some of the odd things found were: rosary beads, boogie board, real estate sign, artificial flowers, hard drive and welcome mat.

The top 10 things found are as follows:

Straws 431
Food and Candy wrappers 366

Plastic pieces 346

Cigarette filters 328

Glass pieces 284

Beverage/soda bottles 242

Lumber peices 210

Caps and lids 199

Shopping bags 184

Glass bottles 161

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated here on Poplar Ave in Wildwood, as well as everyone else who went to other locations! We had folks from Comcast, TD Bank, Wildwood High School, Absegami High School, as well as locals from Cape May County, and people from Philly! We also can’t forget to include 2 canine volunteers, Trixie and Georgia.




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